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We write interview guides to help candidates get jobs in top tech companies (e.g Google, Facebook, etc). We’re looking for a technical writer to create some blog articles with us on how to prepare for coding interviews.

To start with, you’d work on 8 articles (very approx 1600 words each) on the following topics:
1. Arrays / strings
2. Linked List
3. Stacks / queues
4. Trees / graphs
5. Bit manipulation
6. Math / logic puzzles
7. Object oriented design
8. Recursion / Dynamic programming

Ideally you’d start with us end of June and finish this first series of articles around mid-September or before.  We’re currently outlining a second series of similar articles on which you’d work until the end of the year.

What we’re looking for:
– Prior experience of interviewing at top tech companies
– Deep understanding of coding interviews and the specific topics listed above.
– Ability to carry out research and extract insights to generate useful and well-structured content
– Ability to write clearly and adapt to our tone and style
– Ability to manage your time and work independently

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