PromoStandards API Integration help needed for existing .Net project

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I’m looking at integrating the OneSource API from Distributor Central (which is really the PromoStandards API, and is a SOAP API) into an existing C# .Net project. I need to pull all product data for various suppliers into various tables, in as fast a method/s as possible.

I already have some code available, but am unable to make the async calls run fast enough or truly in parallel. I have seen the sample projects and code available, but this is not giving me what I need.

Ultimately, I need to get a full list of products per supplier, and each product’s pricing and properties. I can provide the code I already have if needed.

The endpoints I need to integrate with from PromoStandards (and OneSource):
getProductSellable (gets a list of all products per supplier)
Then, per product retrieved above:
getProduct (gets a single product using the product ID above)
getMediaContent (gets the media for the product ID above)
getFobPoints (gets the warehouses for the product ID above)
GetConfigurationAndPricing (get pricing and decorations for each product above)

There are different versions of the SOAP API for each supplier, so this needs to be determined based on the supplier selected.

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