Hobbist needs a micro controller designer

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The project I’m working on is a brushless motor powered foam blaster(toy gun). It’s very similar to the quad drone system. Each motors has its own ESC or 4 motors using a 4 in 1 ESC and has output pins to the flight controller. However in the blasters system, features used are way different. In a blaster micro controller system, it’s only required to 1.  be able to read 4 signals from 4 ESCs. 2. Have a master On/Off switch. 3. Have a off(on) switch to spin the motors while pressing then push button. 4. Trigger switch to activate the pusher motor/ Solenoid for firing. The solenoid option could be a separate module board away from the main controller. Selectable firing rate with a 3position on/on/on switch.  * the most important part and it’s my most hated part about mainstream micro controllers. They ALL  support USB 2.0 only. I bought a desktop especially for board programming and dozens of USB wires and none worked. So I want to ensure that this PCB can be read by usb3.0 3.1 on the latest windows. Otherwise it will be meaningless because all the ESCs need to be tuned before firing. And it will be nice to upload or modify some parameters or values of the original micro controller. I can send you some samples of existing micro controllers (they all lack of features) if you are interested.

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